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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for paving?
We base a project’s cost in dollars per square foot, or fixed-price estimates. We’re very competitively priced.

How thick is your paving?
It depends on the location. In warmer locations such as Texas, we will pave at 1.5″ thickness, whereas colder regions like Colorado need a thickness of 3″. It also depends on the amount of traffic expected, and the weather (whether there will be snow or not).

How long does a project take, and when can you start?
We can start most paving jobs within a week. Job length is dependent on the size of the job.

How do I maintain my new paving?
At the end of every job, Martin will give you detailed instructions on the proper maintenance of your driveway or sidewalk. A certain amount of cracking will happen with every paving job. This is normal, and the cracking that happens with our paving jobs is within industry tolerances.

How much preparation is needed for a paving job?
All jobs need to be graded first, then a layer of base material is put down before paving begins. We take care of all the preparation as well as the actual paving.

Where do you work?
We will do chip seal and paving work anywhere in Colorado. For much larger paving jobs, we will travel to just about any areas within Colorado. Please call us for details on out-of-state work.

Can you give me a ballpark estimate?
Yes, for most jobs, we can give quick estimates over the phone.

Do you do government work?
We are not currently seeking government contracts at this time, but we have contracted for the National Park Service in the past. We do not do city or county street contracts.

Should I use asphalt or concrete?
It depends. Asphalt is less expensive than concrete, but concrete lasts longer (asphalt lasts 20 years on average, while concrete lasts 25-30 years on average.) The decision to use asphalt or concrete ultimately depends on the type of the job as well as the size. Asphalt can be repaired if necessary, but concrete can’t be repaired and needs to be completely replaced when it has issues.

Are your paving services green or environmentally friendly?
Yes, Academy Paving offers ground asphalt and recycled asphalt installation. Using recycled asphalt reduces the need for petroleum products.

Do you do small jobs and large jobs?
No job is too small for us. We can handle very large, complex projects, but we can also complete very small residential jobs. We can pave even the smallest residential driveway.





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